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Agricultural, Agroindustrial and Livestock
Electrical and Telecommunications

For your home we can:

  • Prolong for 6 or more times the useful life of your home by avoiding the corrosion of rebar through galvanizing, with an increase in work investment of less than 3%. 
  • Save you a lot of money by protecting a variety of metal part so that these do not show any oxidation for decades, thus avoiding maintenance and replacement. 
  • Provide security by avoiding the deterioration of gas tanks, gates, fences, bars, railings, playgrounds, etc... with the most suitable anticorrosion systems for each case. 

For your industry we can:

  • Multiply the useful life of your concrete structures by more than 6 times: using galvanized reinforcing steel instead of black, along with superficial plasticizing, if the environment is very harsh and aggressive.  
  •  Save a lot of money in maintenance of metal parts or material by avoiding damage caused by destructive agents, natural or artificial, present in your facilities and processes, such as environments which are: salty, acid, strong alkaline, rich in salts, sulfurous, etc.  
  •  Provide security by preserving good condition and operation of your equipment, machinery and facilities for much longer periods.  
  •  Reduce the risk of falls by applying non-slip coatings. Increase your productivity by avoiding work and production stoppages due to corrosion.  
  •  Protect electrical and electronic equipment with inhibitors to prevent sulphation, and the consequences premature operational failures. And, thus, collectively generate more profits for your business. 

For your building we can:

  • Multiply its life by 6 times or more without weakening its concrete structures, through cracking or chipping, with an increase in work cost of less than only 3%.
  • Increase the useful life of its metallic structures avoiding deterioration due to corrosion, and the consequences of repairs, for decades.
  • Generate extra profits through savings in repairs and unnecessary maintenance.
  • Increase safety and reduce risks of accidents due to premature corrosion of parts, equipment, and metal installations.

In the food sector we can:

  • Give metal parts non-polluting and non-toxic anticorrosion protection which can be in permanent contact with water and food. Galvanized and metalized zinc is edible for people and animals (Zinc = Vitamin ZETA).  Thermo-threaded plastic coatings can also be in permanent contact with water and food.
  • Increase the useful life of metallic structures by avoiding deterioration due to corrosion, and thus avoid consequent repairs, for decades.
  • Generate extra profits through savings in repairs and by avoiding unnecessary maintenance.
  • Reduce the risks to people, products and animals derived from the oxidation of metallic materials and falls (we can provide and apply anti-slip surfaces).

For ports we can:

  • Prolong for six times or more, the useful lifespan of docks, bridges and other concrete buildings through the use of galvanized reinforcing steel with an increase in construction costs of less than only 3%.
  • Extend the life of existing concrete constructions by completely waterproofing the external surface with thermo-spray plastic.
  • Protect for decades all types of structures, installations and metal machinery (towers, cranes, lighting posts and fixtures, protectors/barriers, fenders, storage tanks, etc…) offering enormous savings in maintenance costs, through the use of anticorrosion, metalization and / or plastic systems.
  • Increase both productivity and profits avoiding unplanned stoppages resulting from corrosion.
  • Prolong the useful life of electrical and electronic equipment through the use of inhibitors.
  • Increase security by preserving the strength and operational ability of machines, buildings and facilities.

In Electricity and Telecommunications we can:

  • Protect transmission towers and antennas for decades, avoiding costly and difficult maintenance, especially when these are in remote locations.
  • Protect electrical and electronic equipment with inhibitors to prevent sulphation, and consequent premature operational failures.
  • Protect radiators of power transformers for decades in order to avoid pitting and disastrous oil leaks.
  • Protect transformers for decades so these do not leave customers and communities without electricity due to the effects of corrosion.
  • Ensure that corrosion does not affect necessary services or risk the lives of people due to falling or collapsing towers, explosions due to overheating of equipment, and / or electric shocks.
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